Aircraft is a large indoor map that takes place inside a crashed Aircraft with various ramps and balconies near the sides. There is a plenty of debris/luggage which covers small spots over the entire map. They are most useful for cover on the go. There are 2 belconys on both ends of the Aircraft which are primary used by snipers due to the cover they provide. This map is only playable after the player reaches level ?.


The map supports all types of gameplay styles from Hit-and-run all the way to long range combat but keep in mind that most of the battle will take place in one of the 2 spawn areas of the map. Avoid camping near the center as there are many ways the enemy can flank you by use the many small stacks of loose luggage as cover. Attacking from above the balconies or hiding close to one of the ramps is a good way to earn some quick kills as you can catch enemys off guard. Camping behind any of the 2 large stacks of luggage on ether side is a poor idea as the many small stacks of fallen luggage in the center of the map will blocked your view and chance of hitting anyone. It is best to camp around or near the center large luggage pile as the view you can get makes it possible to see enemys coming from most angles. It is also sometimes eastier to migrate to the tunnels and try to shoot down them while at the same time protecting yourself from most incoming damange and increasing your chances of survival. There will useally be always one player who camps at the top of the staircase to use their sniper to snipe other enemys at the oppositre staircase or those out in the open.


  • After the Afterpulse major graphical update the sunlight now reflects off the walls of the dark tunnels when you run though them