Bots are NPC characters that are found exclusively inside training mode.


All bots use the weapons typically found in the Military Weapons Crate or Restricted Weapons Crate. They all hold an infinite amount of Frag Grenades in battle, making them generally dangerous especially unaware targets.

Mastodon enemies have much higher health and are slower than other bots, as they all wear the Mastodon set of gear. This makes them especially dangerous because you cannot fight them up close 1v1. Only some matches have Mastodon bots, and when they do, there is only one at a time. Every 5 levels you level up, a new Mastodon enemy appears.

As you level up, most of the bots' weapons will also evolve by 1 star, so it is advised to constantly update your weaponry. But due to their poor accuracy and AI, it will always be easy to get 1st place with an effective weapon.

List of bots

The following is a list of enemies found in training mode and the weapons they use.

Normal bots

Mastodon bots

  • Hammer - AKSG-12 Charlie 4 star (unlocked at level 10)
  • Gunner - M349 4 star (unlocked at level 15)
  • Overkill - A500 4 star (unlocked at level 20)
  • Payloader - AKSG-12 Charlie 5 star (unlocked at level 25)


  • The names of normal bots refer to actual human names while the Mastadon enemies' names are combat-related names
  • Previously, bots existed in multiplayer mode after the game's first update. Due to the amount of complaints regarding bots causing lag, being highly annoying and makes multiplayer 'not multiplayer', they were removed from the game entirely.