Cash is one of the 2 currencies of Afterpulse and is the freemium currency of the game. Your cash amount sits on top of the screen right next to gold, where you can tap a button which leads you to the bank if you want to buy more cash.

Earning cash

Being one of the most common and used currency, Cash is earned in many ways and are earned in high quantities, ranging from 1000 cash to 80,000 cash. The list bellow shows all the ways of earning cash:

  • Daily rewards
  • Finishing a training or multiplayer match.
  • Completing missions.
  • Selling gear.
  • Purchasing bundles with Gold.
  • Exchanging Gold for Cash.

Note that the cash amount varies, meaning you would either earn a couple of thousands or tens of thousands.


Cash can be used for the following:

  • Purchasing weapons, gear, military crates and cash-priced gadgets in the shop.
  • Fusing weapons.
  • Repairing weapons.
  • Expanding your inventory slots.


  • The cash icon was originally a stack of green paper money in the first version of Afterpulse, but after the game's first update it was changed to a silver coin icon.
  • It is highly not recommended to buy cash packs from the bank due to it being very easily earned in large amounts (Especially from missions). Therefore, your gold should be spent on crates or anything of worth.