The Concussion Grenade is available in the shop for purchase. You can buy 10 of them for 7 Gold.


Concussion Grenade ingame

The Concussion Grenade in the game.

"Explosive device that temporarily damages and stuns enemies, making them move slower and unable to shoot."

When you use a concussion grenade, it is thrown in front of you in the direction you are pointing. By angling your view up and down, you can change the trajectory of your throw, so as to control the distance it is thrown. Concussion grenades do damage and stun the enemy, so they can't shoot. They are like a combination of a frag and a stun grenade. They are used most effectively when there is an enemy or group of enemies in front of you, but not too close. You can also throw stun grenades off walls to hit enemies around corners. After you throw the grenade, then you can run up to the enemy(s) and kill them while they are defensless. You can use the concussion grenade well with most weapons.