Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade ingame
Category: Gadget
Cost: 1000 cash (x5)
Ability: Causes damage in a wide radius when thrown.
Fuse time: 2 seconds

The Frag Grenade is an explosive gadget available in the shop. It can be purchased for 1000 cash in a quantities of 5.


"Standard range grenade that causes a significant amount of explosive damage."


When you use the Frag Grenade, it is thrown in front of you in the direction you are pointing. By angling your view up and down, you can change the trajectory of your throw as well as to control the distance it is thrown. Frag grenades explode after 2 seconds and do a large amount of damage with a moderately-sized blast radius. They are mostly effective against hiding targets or multiple enemies, better if they are at a low enough health.

Cheap and powerful, Frag Grenades are ideal for players of any skill level, and will come in handy when used correctly.


  • The Frag Grenade is likely based on the M67 grenade due to its design.