Fusion is a unique feature where players can combine weapons to create a better or new weapon. Fusion is important for all players as it allows them to obtain powerful weapons without the Restricted Weapon Crate, which gives random weapons.


The Fusion menu contains 3 different sections; Power Up, Evolve, and Combine. Each section has different purposes but all three involves the use of weapons as materials and few thousands of cash as the cost

Power Up

Main article: Power Up

Power Up is the only place to level up a weapon to increase its stats until it reaches its maximum level. This is the mainly the first process of getting the weapon to its maximum level so it is able to be used in Evolve and Combine. Other than that, it can be used to trash unwanted weapons.


Main article: Evolve

Once you have a fully leveled up weapon, you are able to evolve it in this section. Evolve is a section where you can increase its star value (Rank), and also to increase a particular stat (e.g. Larger magazines are seen to increase ammo capacity). However, you are required to have one of the same weapon of equal rank. You are also required to have a number of weapons equal to the weapon's rank, and the number depends on the rank of your weapon (e.g. 3 star weapons requires three 3 star weapons).


Main article: Combine

Combine is an alternative way of getting a higher-ranked weapon. Unlike Evolving, combining does not require one of the same weapon, and the result of combining weapons is a random weapon of a higher rank.


  • Use the Military Weapons Crate for cheap and efficient fusion materials.
  • Do not use unwanted weapons of a very high rank for powering up (Especially after an unlucky weapon drop from the Restricted Weapons Crate), as they are useful for later evolving or combining of weapon.
  • When trying to evolve 4 star or better weapons, try to evolve 3 star weapons so you don't have to waste gold on the Restricted Weapons Crate.
  • Never combine your most preferred or most reliable weapons since you have a higher chance of getting unfavorable weapons (e.g. 4 star A 500 into a 5 star KPM-5). Use unwanted weapons for a chance to get better weapons.
  • Use 3 star weapons from Military Weapons Crate as power up materials to get higher levels faster.
  • Evolving or combining weapons can restore durability, so use it if you don't like waiting for it to be repaired.


  • It is unknown if combining weapons from 4 to 6 stars can obtain weapons exclusive from the Restricted Weapons Crate or similar (Needs to be confirmed).