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Ideas Edit

Gameplay Edit

-Color code in blue are red the names of the players that appear in the upper left corner that say who kills who.

  • More controls: jump, crouch, prone.
  • Have TDM in training in addition to multiplayer.
  • New CTF (capture the flag) mode for multiplayer and training: each team has a flag in a set position on one side of the map. To capture the flag, you must pick up the flag at their base and bring it back to your's. If you die with the flag, it stays where you died for 10 seconds so someone else on your team can pick it up. If no one picks it up, it resets back to your base.
  • Multiplayer "party" mode where you can invite your friends using their player code
  • New multiplayer: when you enter multiplayer, there are a list of battles that haven't started yet showing their map, game type, number of players, etc. You can filter the list by map, game type number of players etc. You can host a new game and choose the map, game type, number of players, etc.
  • Another option for controls that is the opposite of Virtual Pad (has a joystick for movement but no firing button).
  • In TDM matches, when someone kills another person, have each person's name in red or blue (depending on their team).

Weapons Edit

  • Be able to upgrade the star count on a weapon using gold.
  • Lower amount of XP to level up weapons at higher levels - takes forever.
  • New Fusion idea: take a max level weapon without any other weapons and it will give you a random weapon with the same amount of stars.
  • Silencers on some pistols/SMGs.
  • Firing button when in scope.
  • Remove auto-centering on crosshair.
  • Auto-aim tuned down (esp. for short range weapons) - requires more skill.
  • Nerf A500 (damage/range).
  • Increase chance of getting shotguns and launchers in crates.
  • Increase range/accuracy of SMGs.

Gear Edit

  • Allow gear to be used as power up material.
  • Headgear that allows you to see enemies from farther away.
  • Allow gear to be upgraded/leveled up.
  • Lower health on Mastodon gear - too OP.
  • Make a gear set that is the opposite of Mastodon (has very low health but very high mobility).

Gadgets Edit

  • In Shop gadgets are all bought in packs of 10 - less confusion, eagleeye spotters and medikits are too expensive.
  • EMP: disables all weapons and gadgets within a certain range, very long cooldown.
  • Mine: placed in the ground, takes 5 seconds to activate, motion activated, instant kill, max 1 placed at a time.
  • Turret: places a small machine-gun turret in the ground, low health, moderate damage, max 1 placed at a time.
  • Energy Bar: temporarily increases speed by ~50%.
  • Heavy Ammo: temporarily increases damage by ~25%.

Shop Edit

  • Remove Weapons/Gear sections from the shop (they are useless). Replace them with an online auction system where players can sell weapons for cash/gold.
  • Watching advertisement videos for gold.
  • A wheel that you spin that gives you random prizes (crates, gadgets, cash/gold). 1 free spin per day and after that it costs gold.
  • Reduced military weapon/gear crate price (2500/3000 cash).
  • Crate bundles (5x) - easier to buy, maybe 10% discount.
  • Increase chance of getting higher level equipment in crates.

Maps Edit

  • More maps.
  • Bigger maps.
  • Underwater areas in maps.
  • Spawn area for each team in TDM/CTFs, but prevent spawn-camping.

Other Edit

  • Female characters.
  • Customizable outfits.
  • In-game chat.
  • Being able to use normal weapons to evolve Nightcrawler/Autumn weapons - there is no way to get them after the event is over.
  • Being able to change your in-game name.
  • Player profiles - you can see other player's weapons, stats etc.
  • Friend system - you can invite someone to be your friend in their profile. You can see if they are online, and invite them to battles with you or send them a message.
  • Clan system - you can invite people to be in your clan (max. 10 people), and you can practice with your clan and battle other clans.