Gold icon amount

The gold icon and the player's number of gold.

Gold is one of the 2 currencies of Afterpulse and it is the 'premium'(hard) currency of the game. Your gold amount can be found on the top of your screen next to the Cash, where you can see the number and the button which you can buy more gold.

Earning gold

Unlike cash, gold is earned in very small quantities and are very hard to earn with the exception of using your App store credits to buy gold. The list bellow shows all of the ways of earning gold:

  • Complete all 4 daily missions (20 gold, only completed per day)
  • Playing either training or multiplayer mode (4-5 gold, low chance)
  • Log in with a HIVE account (30 gold, one-time only)
  • Buying gold packs in the bank (Varies, used with your own App store credits).

If you wouldn't consider buying gold from the bank, it is recommended to play everyday and complete all daily missions for 20 gold, which means you can buy a restricted crate per 4 days.


Gold can be used for the following:

  • Exchanging for cash in the bank section of the shop.
  • Purchasing bundles, restricted crates and gold-priced gadgets.
  • Instantly repair your weapons.
  • Expanding your inventory slots.
  • Fully restore your energy.


Gold icon old

The old icon used in the first version of Afterpulse.

  • The gold icon was much simpler in the first version of Afterpulse, but after the game's first update it was changed with more detail.
  • According to the Apple app store, the Crate Of Gold is the most purchased product in the game, and the most purchased gold pack.