Weapon grades are special titles in the names of guns, which could indicate that their lowest-ranked form only appear in a higher star rank compared to the usual 1 star. They are generally more powerful than the common weapons that do not have a classification in their name, and some introduce a unique class of weapons (The ones being Launchers and Shotguns).

List of grades

Afterpulse has 6 known grades. Below lists all of it and states what it first starts with.

  • Alpha (2 stars)
  • Bravo (3 stars)
  • Charlie (4 stars)
  • Delta (5 stars)
  • Echo (6 stars)
  • Foxtrot (7 stars)

Known weapons with grades

There are currently several known weapons that possess their special names:


  • The grades are named after the NATO phonetic alphabet's first 6 code words; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot.
  • Several gear items also have these names, though, they do not indicate a uniqueness of any sort.