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[A picture of the weapon's 1 star form]

Category:Weapon (LMG)
Weapon slot:Primary
Variants:Normal, Veteran, Nightcrawler
Acquirement:Crates, Combining

The M349 is an LMG in Afterpulse. It is fully automatic light machine gun, spreading high amounts of damage with a large magazine. The bullets shot from the gun causes targets to slow down. It is equipped in the primary weapon slot.


"Fully automatic. This heavy weapon spreads high amounts of damage and can sustain very long burst of fire thanks to its generous magazine. Stopping power: This weapon's bullets will cause targets to slow down."


The M349 starts off at 1 star as a stockless light machine gun with a box magazine. As it evolves, it receives the following modifications:

  • 2 stars - No significant change
  • 3 stars - Pouched box magazine (Increased ammo)
  • 4 stars - Stock
  • 5 stars - Scope (Can be used)
  • 6 stars - [appearance modification]
  • 7 stars - [appearance modification]


The M349 is a very powerful weapon as it is a light machine gun. Combining its damage and its high rate of fire, this LMG is capable of taking down many targets and also allows you to sustain in very long fights thanks to its extremely high ammo count (Which is the highest in the game). Its ability to slow down targets makes it so your enemies will have trouble running away or attempting to dodge your attacks.

Its biggest downside is accuracy and recoil. This highly affects its long-range potential, and the recoil may annoy you as it will constantly move out of your designated target while firing. After a long burst, you automatically look down due to recoil, so it is recommended to be careful about its recoil until you get used to it. Its bad accuracy can be countered when the M349 is at 5 stars, as its scope will negate its accuracy weakness so long-ranged kills are possible with this.

The slow mobility and reload makes you very vulnerable, especially when you're reloading. Due to this, it is highly recommended to equip a secondary weapon with high mobility, preferably a Handgun. When reloading, make sure you are in a safe and secure spot for about a maximum of 4 seconds. If you're in a fight, equip your secondary weapon and finish your target off.

The M349 is a very powerful weapon, and when you have enough experience you are capable of mowing down anything in your way.


Star value Damage Rate of fire Accuracy Stability Range Ammo Reload Portability
1 star 1350 2800 774 1312 2250 60 300 300
2 stars 1499 2900 895 1312 2350 60 300 300
3 stars
4 stars 1691 3240 999 1378 2700 80 300 300
5 stars 1789 3380 1008 1378
6 stars 1901 3480 1046 1378 3100 80 300 300
7 stars


  • The M349 is likely based on the M249 light machine gun.
    • The name is also similar, with the only difference being that it has a '3' in the name instead of the '2'.


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