Maps are fighting arenas made for the players and Bots, and the environment varies in each. Here the list of the maps avalible to play.

  • Close Quarters Camp
  • Train Yard
  • Terminal Station
  • Shipwreck
  • Razed Fort
  • Aircraft
  • Warehouse
  • Train Yard - A long and thin map is best for any class but Presicion
  • Terminal Station - Currently the largest map and is great for and light run and gun weapon
  • Shipwreck - A large map with crashed boats and an antarctic base
  • Razed Fort - A medium but close quaters map that takes place in a battlescared military fort
  • Aircraft - Is a long a very thin map it's great for the precision class
  • Warehouse - The Warehouse is smaller than the Terminal Station but has more floor space great for any class

Each arena can have a different advantage for players. Such as Aircraft which is a good map for snipers or Close Quarters Camp which is good for fast characters. However some maps give disadvantages to some players; such as [[1]] for example. Most players who use [Rifle (Disambiguation)|sniper rifles] will have trouble sniping or camping because there are few good spaces in [[2]] to snipe/camp.