The Scope is an ability in weapons that allows players to zoom in the screen with the weapon they're using. Scopes are used for long-ranged battles due to its positive attributes it gives to the gun if in a zoomed-in position.


When using the scope, the screen of your device will turn black but only the center of the screen shows what your character's aiming at. The visible part is circular, with a black cross that intercepts each other in the exact center where your bullets will travel to. Each weapon has a different scope design, though they all function the same way.

While in a zoomed-in position, your weapon's accuracy is much better than it was when not zoomed-in. It also increases the damage-drop off that makes your weapon weaker near its maximum range, improving its long-ranged capability. The only disadvantage is reduced speed, but it is not recommended to move while using the scope unless you know where you're going and you can aim well.

With the exception of Launcher weapons, all scopes have an aim-assist similarly when not zoomed-in. Scopes are the only way for Precision weapons to gain their maximum accuracy and aim-assist.


Excluding the PW-9 and some other weapons, each weapons gains their scope ability at a certain star value. Precision weapons (M32 Hunting Rifle, MK-L11A9 and RS 300) already have their scopes at 1 star, but everything else gets it at 4-6 stars. The below shows all weapons that gets their scope depending on their star value.

1 star

4 stars

5 stars

6 stars