Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade ingame
Category: Gadget
Cost: 1300 cash (x5)
Ability: Slow and disable enemies in a wide radius when thrown.
Fuse time: 2 seconds

The Stun Grenade is a non-lethal gadget available in the shop. It can be purchased for 1300 cash in quantities of 5.


"Grenade that temporarily blinds an stuns enemies, making them walk slower and unable to shoot."


When you use a stun grenade, it is thrown in front of you in the direction you are pointing. By angling your view up and down, you can change the trajectory of your throw as well as to control the distance it is thrown. Stun grenades do no damage, but they blind and stun the enemy in a moderate blast range which disables their weapons and gadgets. It will also slow the target's movement significantly.

They are used most effectively when there is an enemy or group of enemies in front of you, but not too close (Which also stuns you). While stunned, you are able to kill your affected targets without being damaged by their weapons which is disabled. Beware, some players may wear a type of leg gear that prevents its stun effect.

Stun grenades are very helpful against any target, though your enemies will be very annoyed.